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Ben ZehnerBen riding his street luge around Cowzer Corner at Maryhill

Ben Zehner Frank Williams'  facebook

(P.U.L.S.e founding member)

IDF Number: 517
IGSA Number: 51
Experience: 3 years
Fastest Speed: 60 mph
Favorite run: Switchbacks.
2012 IGSA Rankings

  • Classic Luge - 44th in the World; 22nd in North America
  • Street Luge - 58th in the World; 20th in North America

2011 IGSA Rankings:

  • Classic Luge - 15th in North America; 43rd in the World
  • Street Luge - 13th in North America; 51st in the World

Events attended:



Maryhill Festival of Speed 2014 Classic Luge - 2nd Street Luge - 8th
Whistler Longboard Festival   Street Luge - 13th
Maryhill Festival of Speed 2013 Classic Luge - 4th Street Luge - 8th
Maryhill Festival of Speed 2012 Classic Luge - 12th Street Luge - 17th
Mt. Tabor Downhill Challenge 2012 Classic Luge - 4th N/A
Vernon DH 8 - 2012 Classic Luge - 2nd Street Luge - 4th
Maryhill Festival of Speed 2011 Classic Luge - 17th Street Luge - 15th
North American Championship 2011 Classic Luge - 12th Street Luge - 8th


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