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Street LugeStreet Luge:

Street luges are the ultimate in downhill speed. The class is designed to allow maximum innovation with minimum equipment restrictions. Competitors are allowed to make their luge out of any material they choose and many are built from aluminum, steel, fiberglass and/or carbon fiber. They are typically lowered very close to the asphalt and most racers use 6 to 8 wheels with 3 to 4 longboard trucks. Many racers buy their luges from a number of sources including Roger's Bros (pictured right), TRS, Skate Luge, Street Luge Austria and Sturge Boards.

Classic Street LugeClassic Luge:

Classic luge is an off shoot of modern street luge. The concept behind the class is to allow competition low cost. A competitive classic luge ("buttboard") can be made for under $150. Length and width are limited to 49" x 12", the board must be made of lamintated wood and may only use 2 trucks and 4 wheels (which must be 70mm or smaller). Speeds for classic luge are almost as fast as street luge and the competition is very close.

street luge helmet Vector M-5Helmet:

Helmets are a necessity in any high speed sport and street luge is no exception. The most popular helmet is the now the Zero Gravity Skate Systems Vector M-5 (pictured right). Any full faced helmet will do and many people use ones meant for motorcycles.


Shoes are extremely important: they are your brakes! To extend the life of the shoes and provide greater stopping performance tire rubber is adhered to the soles. During hard braking it is not uncommon to see blue smoke billowing from the soles of a fast racer.


Full body leathers are highly recommended. You will learn the value of them on your first crash. They can be had brand new for $200 online and that is much cheaper than a skin graft.


To save your hands from scrapes on the ground during high speed turns leather gloves are a necessity.