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Mt. Tabor run 1


Location: Portland, Oregon
Speed: 45mph
Difficulty: Easy (Green)
Features: Closed road, smooth pavement and easy to walk back up.
Hazzards: Pedestrians, Bicycles, Off-leash animals.
Comments: This run is a great training or equipment testing course. Flowing corners and decent enough speed to have some fun. Watch out for security as they don't like us breaking the 15 mph speed limit (although they don't seem to mind the kamikaze bicyclists). On Wednesday the whole mountain is closed off, so you can ride from the very top.

Mt. Tabor run 2


Location: Portland, Oregon
Speed: 35mph
Difficulty: Easy (Green)
Features: Closed road on Wednesday and easy to walk back up.
Hazzards: Pedestrians, Bicycles, Off-leash animals, speed bumps and cars (except on Wednesday).
Comments: Another great training run on Mt. Tabor that is very popular with longboarders. It's not as fast as run 1, but a lot more technical. The right-hand switchback at the bottom will definitely test your turning abilities.

Joey's Revenge

Location: Portland, Oregon
Speed: 38mph
Difficulty: Easy-Medium (Green - Blue)
Features: Quiet suburban road, five switchbacks with wide run-off areas, smooth pavement, easy to walk back up.
Hazzards: Cars.
Comments: This run is great for learning how to turn. Five switchbacks really test your abilities and set up. Great for light-hearted racing.

Maryhill Loops Road

Location: Near Goldendale, Washington
Speed: 50mph
Difficulty: Medium (Blue)
Features: Closed road, smooth pavement and the site of the Maryhill Festival of Speed and Maryhill Freerides.
Hazzards: Pedestrians, Bicycles.
Comments: This is considered a "Mecca" for downhill sports. It's 2.2 miles long with 22 curves that will test your skill and equipment. It is possible to take this course without braking if you're set up properly, but it's not recommended unless you're participating in an event. Because it's a closed road there's no way to shuttle yourself back up, except walk along the trail. Shuttle services are provided during the Maryhill Festival of Speed and Maryhill Freeride events; up to 15 runs a day are possible... if you can handle that many.

"Dragon's Tail"

Location: Classified
Speed: 70+
Difficulty: Hard (Black Diamond)
Features: Very fast!
Hazzards: Cars, rough pavement, mail boxes, narrow road, bump between pavement transitions.
Comments: This is a very fast, 2 mile, almost arrow straight run that will test your intestinal fortitude. Speeds of up to 80 mph may be possible and that earns it a Black Diamond rating. One mistake here could send you to the morgue.  Team rider Frank Williams crashed here once at about 60 mph and was lucky to walk away with minor scrapes and bruises.


Rowena Crest Loops

Location: Between Hood River and The Dalles.
Speed: 45mph
Difficulty: Hard (Black Diamond)
Features: 2.2 miles of hard turns.
Hazzards: Cars, bicycles, motorcycles, rocks, guard-rails.
Comments: This course gives Maryhill a run for it's money. The speed is not quite as high, but the extremely tight turns more than make up for it. After just a few runs you will be exhausted. Riders must develop good braking and turning techniques before attempting this road. You must be aware of everything because large rocks litter parts of the road and the pavement isn't always smooth. If you blow a turn you will either hit a guard rail (if you're lucky) or plummet down a cliff.